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Classroom Blogs

Ever since I have joined Twitter I have been not only introduced to the idea of classroom blogs, but also to the amazing potential that they can have for student learning.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the 21st century requires students to possess a new set of skills. Learning needs to be more digital, informal, online, mobile, networked and multimedia and a classroom blog achieves exactly that.

Classroom blogs allow us as teachers to reinvent education in a way that engages, empowers and educates all students.

Classroom blogs have the potential to allow students to find their passion and develop passionate life long learners. They also allow teachers to demonstrate bold digital age leadership and unconstrained vision.     

Watch this youtube clip of 10-11 year olds explaining why they love to blog in the classroom:

Here are some great classroom blogs that have inspired me:

Click here for a link to a fantastic blog a couple of my peers, Zoe and Mel, created as an assessment task explaining more about classroom blogs, including where to start, KLA ideas, a list of benefits and much more.  

Click here for another fanatstic blog post by Kathleen Morris which provides ideas for getting your own classroom blog started.

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano has also written an incredible series of posts on her Langwitches Blog, which provides amazing information for all bloggers, new and old.

Do you have a classroom blog?

Do you know other inspiring classroom blogs?

What are your thoughts on classroom blogs?

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7 thoughts on “Classroom Blogs

  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Ash. As you know we sure love blogging and the benefits are just priceless. When blogging is integrated into literacy/numeracy on a daily basis, it is an authentic way to help students reach high learning outcomes.

    I hope you’ve inspired some new (or not so new) teachers to give blogging a go!



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