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PDHPE is often on the bottom of the pile on a teachers’ to do list and a lot of teachers feel unenthusiastic about it. It is important to remember that if you are excited about something; your students will be too.

As teachers we need to be good role models and that means promoting good health practices. A PDHPE lesson should begin with a warm up game, followed by stretches, the body of the lesson, a warm down game and end with stretches and discussion about what the students learnt and enjoyed in the lesson. 

Here are some great warm up/down games that I have seen work really well:

Fruit Salad

  • Students sit in two lines with feet together
  • Students are given a fruit name (e.g. apple, banana, pineapple, pear, watermelon)
  • Teacher calls out a fruit and those students run through the gaps to their spot

Indians and Teepees

  • Students make a large circle
  • Every second student moves in front of the student next to them
  • The student on the outside is the tepee and the student on the inside is the Indian
  • The Indian sit and the tepee stands with their legs apart
  • When the teacher calls out Indian, the Indian must crawl through the tepee’s legs and run clockwise to their spot
  • When teacher calls out tepee the tepee must run around the Indian and run clockwise back to their spot

Bridge Tag

  • Students hold hands with a partner
  • Two students are the taggers
  • Once students are tagged they must make a bridge with their hands
  • Students who aren’t tagged need to run under the bridge to free them


  • Students make a line
  • Two taggers
  • Teacher tells students the toppings – pineapple, ham, cheese, pepperoni etc
  • Students silently choose their topping
  • Teacher calls out a topping and the students run to the other side


  • Students place an oztag tag on their side or in the back of their pants as a tail
  • Students run around collecting other students’ tails
  • Once your tail is stolen you must find another to put back in
  • Students must move outside the bounds to place a new tail in

 Hospital Tag

  • Two taggers
  • Students run away from taggers
  • Once tagged, students must run around holding the spot they have been tagged
  • Once tagged three times, the students must run to a designated spot (hospital) and then back which magically cures them

What warm up / down games do you use?

Do you have any PDHPE tips?

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