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Using Technology To Support Learning

The NSW Institute of Teachers’ Professional Teaching Standards includes:

 Element 4; Aspect 4.1.5 – Use a range of teaching strategies and resources including ICT and other technologies to foster interest and support learning.

Today, I observed a teacher revising fractions with the year six class as they had performed badly in their pre-test. She went over the test on the whiteboard while the students were at their desks. While the teacher had good intentions, she;

– Moved through the questions very quickly

– Did not give the students enough time to answer her questions

– Did not rub off the writing on the whiteboard once moved onto the next question

– Did not provide much praise to the students

– Did not allow the students to write anything in their books

– Did not allow the students to use concrete materials

– Did not use the interactive whiteboard

Unfortunately, it seemed that the majority of the students took very little, if anything, away from that math lesson.

We need to acknowledge that our students have changed radically. The educational system wasn’t designed to teach today’s students.

Today’s students represent the first generations to grow up with digital technology in the last decades of the 20th century. During their entire lives, they have been absorbed by computers, videogames, digital music players, video cameras, mobile phones and many other digital tools and toys of the digital age.

As educators, we need to be thinking about how best to teach our students of today. We need to invent new ways of teaching, but not necessarily from scratch. Adapting materials to the language of this generation has already been done successfully, in particular the creation of games which help teach the content, even the most serious.

I can only imagine how different that lesson could have been if the interactive whiteboard had been turned on. Instead of the students looking out the window, hoping not to be the one chosen to answer a confusing question next, they could have been excited, engaged, learning and participating in a visual and interactive math lesson.

The below YouTube video demonstrates how the interactive whiteboard can be used for a fraction lesson. Get creative and become inspired!

I have also created a Prezi, ‘Learning in the 21st Century and Beyond’ to further encourage educators to grow with the change of the 21st century.



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19 thoughts on “Using Technology To Support Learning

  1. One thing I’m really scared about, is falling behind with technology. Not being able to keep up with it, being looked at by my students and my children the way I look at my parents – who often need help Googling, emailing, texting, etc.

    Great prezi, Ashley.



  2. Thank you, Aggie!

    It can be daunting at times, but that’s where your PLN (see my ‘purpose’ tab) can come in handy! As well as our collegues, Twitter and blogs are great resources which can keep us up to date, provide us with motivation and new ideas related to ICT integration and much more.

    The reality is that we won’t know everything and that’s okay. As long as we continually try to learn as much as we can in order to benefit our students. I think it’s a great thing that our students can teach us a lot too.

    Good luck and thank you again!



  3. I loved your prezi! Very nicely done. As I read your post, I had a few thoughts. First, I wonder if the teacher is nervous. Even those who have taught for a number of years may get nervous when being watched. Second, I often leave the previous questions on the board for students to refer to during the discussion of the next question or for them to refer to during a work period. Maybe she had a plan. Lastly, I am not sure that technology needs to be integrated into every lesson every day or even if it is possible. I wonder how she had used the IWB during the rest of the day?


    1. Thank you. I’m very glad you enjoyed my prezi!

      You bring up some great points. Firstly, I would just like to clarify that this blog is starting out as a uni assessment which requires me to critically reflect on my day visits under a word limit. I cannot stress enough how greatful I am to my teacher for taking me on and letting me into her classroom.

      Regarding your first point, I don’t think she was nervous. I think she just didn’t have a plan, it was just written down as ‘go over test questions.’

      I also agree with leaving the questions on the board in the manner you explained, however in this case it was working out all over the board, with working out from a seperate question surrounding it, which I thought addedd confusion.

      I also don’t think technology needs to be integrated into every lesson, however, she did not use the IWB for any lessons that day and I truly believe using the IWB for maths would help this class significantly.

      Thank you for your thoughts, they are greatly appreciated!

      I will keep them in mind in future!


  4. Hi Ashley,
    What a great way to share your journey with us ?Thanks.I agree that technology should be integrated in the lesson.There are so many possibilities today?This lesson on fractions was an excellent ‘opportunity’ for the teacher to actively engage learners in the lesson.When I started my teaching career more than 30 years ago , the only teaching aids we had were the blackboard, paper, and overhead projectors.I was a Math teacher, and for a lesson on fractions the options are so many:-)You are doing a great job.Teachers have become complacent and I am so glad that aspiring teachers like you , believe that, in doing ,learners will gain more from the learning experience.Thanks, for the PREZI, I have also learned something from you:-)Learning is a life long journey..good luck!


    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, it is great to receive such great support! I’m glad you enjoyed my Prezi and I couldn’t agree with you more about learning being a life long journey!


  5. This post, and your Prezi, are truly outstanding. Just as there are so many content choices for students today, there is so much to say about the need for 21st century skills, and thousands of bright and passionate educators are saying it, with mixed results. You are incredibly effective at presenting it in an efficient and convincing manner that leaves little unsaid. Wherever your road takes you, please keep writing and reaching out to inspire others.


    1. Thank you for such a kind compliment. I am so happy to receive such positive feedback! I will definitely continue to encourage others, after all, working together is the whole idea! Thank you again for your amazing support.


    1. Hi Katie,

      Thank you, I’m really glad to hear it. No I haven’t actually, I’m always looking for new and interesting sites! I’ll definitely take a look and share it with others.



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